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The 23rd Psalm for Labor

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A little thing I needed to write today, inspired by the IWW, the bard, John Paul Wright, and the theologian of the communism of Jesus, Charley Earp: as the theopoetic writer, John D. Caputo, notes, G-d is what happens when we come together in love, i.e., in my interpretation, when we organize.

The 23rd Psalm for Labor

My hope is in organizing, so that we shall not want.

Our union enables leisure with picnics for our families in green pastures and beside still waters.

Our solidarity restores our souls, and leads us in the path of giving every worker a voice.

Yea, even when I am called into the personnel office, I will fear no capitalist: for my comrades and steward are with me; the power of solidarity comforts me.

We celebrate in the presence of the owning class: we heap praise on the workers who build solidarity, and our hearts swell with joy.

Surely we will know in our hearts that we have done well, and we can find comfort in this knowledge for all our lives, and others will find courage in our stories throughout all time.